4 Signs Of A Stroke That Will Shock You

4 Signs Of A Stroke That Will Shock You

A stroke is a severe medical illness that happens due to a sudden shock to your brain. Strokes are often related to people of older age. This is the reason why people do not even think about a young person getting a stroke. It increases the chances of negligence which is not good. Stroke prevention starts with awareness which most of us are not. If you came to ask an ordinary person about what stroke is and if they have a chance of getting it, they will be like, no, we are perfectly healthy, it happens to old people. However, the symptoms of strokes are pretty standard. They can be related to any person who’s going through any chronic illness. Stroke can happen to any person of any age, even to the babies in the womb. We have extracted four significant signs of a stroke to help you out further with the misinterpreted hazardous disease.

1. Irregular heartbeat 

Irregular heartbeats and strokes might be the most surprising sign that you may never have heard before. However, an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia can be related to the forming of blood clots. These blood clots travel to the brain and get trapped inside the blood vessels making it weak and prone to a stroke. Technology now has introduced ways to handle the problems related to stroke from an early age. A blood thinner is recommended, which reduces the risk of a stroke associated with an irregular heartbeat. 

2. Lack of physical activity 

Often, we ignore the importance of a healthy and physically fit body. We try to look for ways to handle the issues just by sitting at home. Due to the new trends and technology, people do not need to walk, run or even go outside. This has become a substantial health-related problem concerning any disease and illness that is common today. Strokes are also highly related to the active lifestyle that you may have. Research has shown that 25 minutes of everyday physical activity can vastly make a difference in reducing your chances of having a stroke. This is why we see so many doctors discouraging the sedentary lifestyle, which is becoming a significant health issue now. The more active you’re the better chances of being physically and mentally strong and healthy. 

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3. Genetics 

Suppose you’re related to a person in your family who had a stroke. In that case, you’re also likely to have it in the future due to similar lifestyle habits or hereditary. Our genes play a broad role in our physical and mental fitness. Most chronic and fatal diseases are caused because of a family history of disorders. In this case, you are advised to become religious in your monthly checkups with doctors if you see any issue with your physical health. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle with good eating and drinking habits to be on the safe side. Most of these fatal issues happen because people usually ignore the wrong side. This negligence becomes a reason for something big happening in the future. 

4. Sleep apnea 

This might be the most shocking factor for people to know as people never compare sleep with something as big as a stroke. People mostly associate sleep apnea with the problem that affects their sleep. However, it is something much more than that! Sleep apnea is a condition in which people snore loudly, gasp for breath, have constant morning headaches, and dry mouth when awakened. These people also significantly have higher blood pressure, broken sleep, and nightmares about the inability to breathe. People who have sleep apnea are three times more likely to have a stroke than those who don’t. It deprives the brain of oxygen and increases blood pressure, causing a person to become breathless while asleep. It is surprisingly sad that 8 out of 10 people are never diagnosed with sleep apnea which further increases their chances of having a stroke. 

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