4 Signals That Are Triggering Your Stress Levels

Stress Levels

Stress is a mental issue that most people have experienced once, twice, or even more times in their lives. It causes and gives birth to unannounced and fatal diseases in your body. Stress is inevitable if you’re a person who overwhelms yourself with too much of anything. Have you heard a phrase that says too much of anything is a curse? Yes, we understand that you want to achieve great things in life and earn more than you currently are making. The solution is not to kill yourself in the process. It is to take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing as well. Some people are so young but so much into stress that they overburdened themselves with work to reach a high level. The rat race of competition is a threat to yourself. From this video, you would know the importance of taking a break and giving yourself some space. Here are four signals that are triggering your stress levels! 

1. Migraines and headaches 

One of the most triggering issues of stress is the constant headaches and migraines. When you’re overworking or overburdened due to financial or personal matters, you give birth to more than just tension. Migraines are prevalent these days since people are becoming more worried about the future and losing control. You become stressed when you know that you cannot control a particular aspect of your life. This is why an employee who works overtime will be stressed out because he cannot say no to his job. For the time being, he will sacrifice and work hard to be in the good books of his boss but will be threatening his own life. Headaches and migraines happen because of chronic inflammation causes in the brain, which affects blood flow. 

2. Memory issues 

Due to being a mental issue, stress causes a lot of brain problems in the human body. Have you been forgetting things more than usual? Do you face a hard time recognizing what happened a week before in your annual audit? These symptoms indicate that you’re forgetting things more than usual without a solid reason. Research conducted in 2014 by the journal of neuroscience stated that high levels of cortisol that release stress hormones in your brain give short-term memory loss. Memory loss is a huge problem, especially if you’re younger and have many responsibilities for yourself. Memory loss can make you lose everything you once had and make you miserable with yourself. 

3. Increased heart beatings 

When you become stressed, your blood pressure levels rise, which gives birth to sweating, shortness of breath, and an extreme feeling of uneasiness. All this happens because you’re under an incredible amount of stress. Long-term ignoring these signs is fatal as you might get unconscious anywhere outside or where your family can’t reach you. If you think that something is causing you unbearable trouble and keeping you awake at night, it is time to let go of that thing. Yes, it is an incredible job, and you’re getting paid well, but is it worth sacrificing your life for? Would it feel good if you get in trouble and cause misery for your family? Strong emotions and reactions can also give rise to fast heartbeats due to stress giving you panic attacks. It is not humanly possible to handle so much together, so there is nothing wrong with consulting a therapist if you cannot stop yourself from stress. 

4. Changes in appetite 

Why do we see people losing interest in appetite when something big is coming? Why do we see students skipping meals or eating a lot when their exams are near? Stress can trigger a lot of hormones in your body which can change your entire appetite. This is the reason why we see so many people losing weight when they’re under stress while some gain more than usual. Stress triggers changes in appetite because it cannot handle the inner pressure you’re facing. It will affect you by either craving too much food or eating nothing at all. So, whatever you’re facing might be the reason for your stress. Try to meditate, eat healthily and look for ways to reduce your stress instead of burdening yourself with unwanted diseases due to weight gain or loss. 

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