4 Fruits Not To Eat If You Have Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most stressful and dangerous diseases, which, once caught, is extremely hard to escape from. Diabetes happens because of the increment in the blood sugar levels of our body cells. These cells give more insulin than is required by our body to stay regular. Diabetes not only affects your health, appetite, and body but also your mind. This is because you’re constantly worried about what could go wrong if you ate something you’re craving. Diabetes is also said to be a genetic disease, which means that if your ancestor had it, you have a high chance of getting it too. You can only reduce your chances of not having diabetes if you have control over your eating habits. This is why we have found four significant fruits that you should altogether avoid. If you don’t eat these fruits, you will have a higher chance of maintaining your blood sugar levels. 

1.  Dates 

Dates are one of nature’s greatest gifts because of their immense qualities of having high nutritional values. It is enriched with different nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and whatnot. Over the years, dates have been replaced with sugar because of their taste, somewhat like sugar. As they are dry and processed, they are high in calories with lots of sugar, which is concerning for diabetic patients. Just 1/4th cup of dates have about 100 calories, so if your diabetes is not under control, it is best to avoid eating it.

2.  Raisins 

Raisins might be one of the most accessible snacks to eat when you’re hungry, but they are definitely not diabetic-friendly. Just one cup of raisins contains 115 grams of carbohydrates which is quite concerning for diabetic patients. According to research, only 15 grams of carbohydrate from fruit is moderate. Raisins, on the other hand, has quite much more than expected. If you want to have substitute fruit other than raisins, then try to eat grapes or a small portion of almonds to munch on!

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3.  Pineapple 

Pineapples are one of the sweetest fruits available for people to intake. Pineapples are an excellent choice to have because of being packed with nourishing nutrients and vitamins. They are loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, and a lot of antioxidants. They are great for people who want to have a more robust immune system because pineapples can fight off the free toxins in the body. Unfortunately, pineapples are bad news for diabetic patients. Due to being so rich in sugar and calories, pineapples make the situation quite bad for them. It has an extremely high glycemic index which can spike the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes. 

4.  Figs

Figs are nature’s treat for people with constipation or other digestive issues due to being high in fiber. The fiber quantity in figs makes it perfect for ordinary people to consume as much as possible. However, diabetic patients have a cause of concern from figs due to their richness in sugar. For instance, only one cup of figs contains 29 grams of sugar, which is bad for diabetic patients. If you’re struggling with type-2 diabetes, then it is best to avoid figs. However, people with type-2 diabetes can have 1-2 figs once in a while as it will also help their metabolic activity. 

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