4 Best Mental Tricks For Weight Loss


Are you looking for ways to lose weight and can’t seem to find one? Do you struggle with keeping yourself intact with your weight loss goals? Even the most dedicated people can find it hard to lose weight because their brains constantly push them to eat more. When you’re obese or have gained extra pounds, your body is giving you the signal to have more than you actually do. Why do fat people eat more than slim people? It is because their brains have accepted the quantity of food they intake and are rigid in leaving them to take less. However, your brain is a part of your own body, and you have the power to change the way it acts. It might seem impossible, but only you are the one who can deceive your brain into taking things that will help you lose weight faster. Just like we have tricks for learning and practicing math more quickly, there are also excellent tips to help your weight loss journey. Here are some mindful and shocking tips for weight loss that you should follow. 

1.  Eat from smaller plates. 

One of the most effective tips for losing your extra pounds is forcing your mind to think you’re having more by putting food on smaller plates. When you eat in a small container, obviously, the quantity of the food is less than it is on a larger one. It will urge you to take more and feel like your plate is full to have more food. This, in return, will give you a feeling of satisfaction even when you’re having less than you actually planned. If you have a whole bucket of fried chicken with you, it is so unlikely that you will actually only eat one or two! This is a very realistic tip and has shown excellent results in people if they follow religiously. 

2.  Plan your junk food days 

People who are junk food lovers and find it hard to leave it entirely should not force their bodies for something they can’t do. This heck is impressive and actually gives you a comfortable and happier weight loss journey. If you have the habit of eating junk food every day or with a 2-3 days gap, you should prioritize days for having junk food when you decided to lose weight. You are not telling your brain to stop thinking about having junk but keeping a day where you can eat what you love without feeling guilty. For example, after a whole week of having a healthy balanced diet, you can decide to have one day in a week for junk food while counting its calories. With time, you can have one day in a month, and that is how you will feel more dedicated to your goals. 

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3.  Eat with a mirror in front. 

Now, this might sound stupid and superficial, but it is actually exciting and accurate. Have you ever heard that practicing for a speech in front of a mirror can increase your confidence? Similarly, when you’re eating in front of a mirror, you’re seeing and making sense out of the way you eat. You will become the audience for yourself who will judge you with how much you’re eating. Try taking a meal in front of a mirror or your camera, and you will most definitely eat lesser because you’re conscious about how you must be coming on the screen. Psychology has already said this is one of the most astonishing heck that people have implemented. 

4.  Drink some olive oil 

This is one of the healthiest heck to follow that will help you lose weight and give nourishment and strength to your body. Olive oil is a nature’s bounty due to the many nutrients, which do not let a person become fat. If you drink 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil before every meal, your hunger level will be lessened. This will make you intake a reduced amount of calories which is excellent for weight loss. Oils are heavy for people due to the richness and different flavors they have. Hence, when taking raw olive oil, you will not have enough space to take enormous amounts of calories. 

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