3 Types Of Hallucinations You Experience During Sleep Paralysis


Have you ever got yourself into the experience of hallucinations during the sleep paralysis? Well many of us would not be aware of the term hallucinations and how they happen to take place in your sleeping routine. Sleep paralysis is specifically known as the condition characterized by full or semi-conscious waking during sleep. This happens as because of the brain’s inability to properly transit through sleep stages.  This would be leading to the abnormal activity of the brain waves with the alpha heavy waves and getting burst with the beta waves of the brain. Here we will explain the different major types of hallucinations you experience during the course of sleep paralysis.

Hallucination No 1: Intruder Hallucinations:

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The hallucinatory sub-type is also known by the name of the intruder that hence refers to sensing the presence of another person and so as the entity during sleep paralysis.  The intruder sub-type is the condition where the people get the feeling as if an intruder is present. They involve the hearing voices as well as odd sounds and other noises. You may sense that another presence is within close proximity. Some people claim to have seen an intruder or an evil entity during their hallucinatory experience. This hallucination is a byproduct of the brainstem inducing amygdala activity.

Hallucination No 2: Incubus Hallucinations:


The “Incubus” subtype of hallucinations as during sleep paralysis can be best described as being the chest pressure, difficulty in breathing, and in some cases, a perception of physical pain.  This particular subtype of hallucinatory experience is also known by the name of “Old Hag attack.”  This condition gives out the thought that an evil or the witch is sitting on the chest of victims as making it impossible for them to move feeling intense pressure on some part of their body. It will be giving breathing issues and usually attribute it to chest or body pressure. There are also reports of having pain directly on the center of the chest. The person will also feel being suffocated during an “incubus” hallucination.

Hallucination No 3: Vestibular-Motor Hallucinations:

Those people who are trapped in this type of hallucination as during sleep paralysis may feel as if they are entering another realm of existence. They will be having a feeling as if they are flying or as if they were floating in space.  These can also be known by the names of “vestibular-motor” hallucinations or also the hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations.  Some people will also be getting the feeling as if they were flying during their sleep paralysis. There are reports of getting into so many experiences of falling, lifting, spinning, swirling, accelerating, or decelerating. The most common happen to be flying and floating.


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