3 Habits That May Cause Anxiety

Habits That May Cause Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that is not developed or caused by a single factor but a blend of multiple factors. Anxiety makes a person mentally disturbed and can be a reason for causing many other serious diseases. Have you ever felt cold hands in between a situation that is out of your control? Imagine your professor calls you in front of the entire class to deliver a presentation. You get up on the stage and your hands starts trembling and your stomach aches. You think about what people might be thinking about your speech and the way you’re standing. This is the condition of an anxious person. If you’re experiencing these bodily symptoms every day, there might be a big chance that you have an anxiety disorder. To help you identify if you actually have anxiety or just an overthinking issue, we will help you out with the 3 most common causes of anxiety. 


One of the critical causes of anxiety is having stressful events in your life that you don’t have control over—factors like work stress or adjusting to a new workplace after leaving the previous one. Change in the living arrangement can also be a significant cause of anxiety as you do not have the habit of sharing your things or having a routine that should collide with others. Pregnancy or birth can also be a life-changing moment for a woman and cause a lot of stress. The idea of how you will be managing the life after the birth of your child can make your nights sleepless. Family or relationship issues are mainly the concern of every child, men or women. Anxiety is caused when you think about not being good enough for your family or not providing with the expectations they have from you.

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A traumatic past life is a significant factor of having anxiety. People who had a horrifying experience of verbal, sexual, or physical abuse or harassment often end up with high anxiety disorder. The past experiencing keeps reminiscing in these people’s minds, and they do not have control over their emotions because of the painful memories. If you know someone who had a rough past due to sexual or verbal abuse, try consoling them and making them move forward in their life. Getting over such an experience is never an easy task, but you need to think about how you can actually learn from it and move on with making your life productive. 


Anxiety is also experienced by those individuals who have a lot of physical problems in their bodies. Issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, or heart disease can also end up with anxiety. It mainly happens due to the loss of control over how they want to live their life healthily. These kinds of people should be reminded about how they can be the boss of changing their life. No doctor or relative can change the condition of a person who does not want to change themselves. People with this kind of issue should immediately consult a doctor with a high anxiety disorder to mitigate the risk of depression

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