3 Habits That May Cause Acne

Habits That May Cause Acne

Imagine having your first prom in two weeks and the first thing you notice after waking up is a face full of acne! Have you ever wondered why your skin has blemishes while some other people don’t? Acne is one of the most common skincare problems which is experienced in this whole world. People belonging to different ages and gender can experience this health issue and should be aware of it. Most of the acne issues are experienced by people after hitting puberty age. The trauma of getting for not having the perfect skin in your high school is unbearable. The passing comments and judging eyes leaves no stones unturned. Acne is a significant skin concern nowadays, and everyone is seeking the right causes behind it. To help you figure out the immediate causes of acne, we have gathered the three most striking reasons for getting acne.


Stress and anxiety are critical factors for getting acne as psychological and mental health is connected to our overall wellbeing. The essential hormones of our health, like cortisol, adrenaline makes acne worsen by affecting them through stress. These hormones build up oil glands to make testosterone that increases oil production and clogs our skin pores. Taking stress or overthinking stuff will not only damage you emotionally but also make your skin unhealthy. Stress can be a reason for many factors; for teenagers, it is basically due to the external pressure of family or studies. Anxiety is also an effective form of poor mental health. So to have good overall wellbeing, it is crucial to realize the importance of managing a life with less stress and more steps towards yourself.

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2.   DIET

You might have seen that people who have many skin concerns are also the ones who never take an appropriate diet. Diet is one of the most influential factors of maintaining a healthy body and skin; it equally affects both. People who take unhealthy diets like oil food, excessive sugar, or high dairy products can lead to severe acne with time. People who never care about their intake and do not focus on eating a healthy diet that contains fruits, vegetables, and proteins will end up with acne issues their entire life. A significant part of taking a good diet is incorporating the excessive use of water into your daily routine. People who less their water intake have to face substantial acne problems due to their skin not producing a healthy toxifying system.


Many people or teenagers are affected by acne because of their hormonal imbalance issue, making it more challenging. A range of factors triggers acne by hormones, the main reason being the high level of androgen. Androgen is a hormone, the levels of which higher the chances in adolescent. In women, it gets converted into estrogen. Rising androgen levels in the human body lead to causing the oil glands under the skin growing. Excessive sebum, an oil and waxy gland of our skin, breaks down the cellular walls in the pores, making the bacteria grow.

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