3 Habits That Cause Hairloss

Habits That Cause Hairloss

Are you someone who has recently been experiencing excessive hair loss? Did you ever wonder why people so much hair loss these days? Hair loss is a rather painful part of life for most of us. Hair loss is experienced by both men and women of all ages at any time of their life. Some people have long, thick and beautiful hair in their childhood or teenage but it drastically changes with time. People are worried; everyone has their own myths about why they might be experiencing this.

On the other hand, they have no clue why they are experiencing this and how they can identify the cause behind it. While thin hair is mainly associated with genetics, some daily routines are also causing it. If these causes are not prevented, it will lead to severe baldness, which can never be attractive for any human being. We will help you out by informing you about the three most significant reasons behind hair loss.

1. Skipping Meals

Most people believe that to lose weight, they can skip their meals to take less food in their bodies, instantly making them look thinner. Unfortunately, that’s not how our body works. Our body requires a considerable amount of nutrients which can only be intake by having proper meals three times a day. Starving yourself will force the body to direct its energy towards essential functions like helping the heart and brain. So, another part of our body will not get the fuel after it is provided to the essential functioning ones. To have strong hair, it is vital to incorporate a healthy balanced diet into your daily routine. 

Consider watching this video to know more about why our hair turns grey….

2. Using too much heat on your hair

This one is for all those people who have a habit of using different hair styling products on their hair daily. Tools like a hair curling iron, straightening, and crimping iron make hair damage by forcing heat on it. When the scalp is subjected to unwanted heat every time a blow dryer or other products are used, hair is prone to break. This is the reason why it is essential to use these products in a month on occasions. Using it for going to your office or school will result in thinner hair. This will lead to excessive hair loss with time if not prevented right away!

3. Stress

One of the key reasons why many people frequent hair loss is due to the stress and anxiety they face. Mental health is also a part of the deficiencies that our body faces. This is the reason why we see people with high-stress issues having much thinner hair. Stress raises the hormone cortisol levels, which can lead to hair shedding every now and then. Stress can be a reason for many things, mainly due to overthinking, financial issues, or family issues, leading them to lose their hair. To manage your stress, try to remain positive and incorporate a healthy life with meditation and yoga. 

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