12 Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True


12 Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True

You might have heard a lot of mythical facts which are mostly hoax, but there are some facts which are backed b science. We have collected 12 unusual facts about women that are true. 

1: The heart of a female beats a bit faster than men’s heart. A male’s heart beats about 70-72 times a minute whereas a women’s heart beats 78-82 times a minute. consultant Cardiologist Miles Behan of Edinburg Royal Infirmary.

2: Professor Katsuiku Hirokawa who works at Tokyo Medical and Dental University says that due to the immune system of women aging more slowly , women’s aging process is slower than men and on average they live longer than men.

3: Studies performed by Dr.Nirao Shah professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University showed that although the size of men’s total brain is larger than a woman’s brain the hippocampus of a woman’s brain is larger than men’s brain and works differently. Hippocampus is a small organ which is connected to memorization and learning processes. 

4: Did you know that Heels were first worn by men. Heels were considered a symbol of status and it made the men look taller. Women started wearing heels in the 1600s to show their equality and give masculine empowerment to their outfits. (Elizabeth Semmelhack, Bata Shoe Museum , Toronto).

5: Compared to men, women’s lower back is more flexible and stronger. This is a gift of evolution as mothers need to have more movement during the stages of pregnancy. (Dr.Katherine Whitcome, Harvard University).

6: FOXP2 is a protein which is also known as “Language Protein”. This is present in higher quantity in women that’s the reason they are more talkative than men. (University of Maryland School of Medicine)

7: Study at the Society of Ophthalmology in Germany showed that on average a woman will cry for 6 minutes whereas men cry for 2-4 minutes. The study also showed that in 65 percent of cases the crying of women will turn noisy and loud. Whereas only 6% of men would turn their crying loud. 

8 : Researchers led by Louis Muglia performed studies of 3500 mothers and their babies in Norway, Finland and Denmark. The study showed that women who are shorter will have a short pregnancy. 

9 : Experiments were conducted by psychologists in the University of Glasgow, Hertfordshire and Leeds. The results showed that women are better at multitasking than men in real life and they are better in controlling messed up things. 

10: The hip width have a greater correlation with the sexual behavior of female. The study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviors suggest that women who have a greater width of hip are more sexual and tends for more sexual partners or one-night stands. 

11: Professor Roberto Lent found biological proof which confirms that women have a better-developed sense of smell than men. They belive that a woman’s superior smell recognition is emotional and not perceptual.

12: Women who are pregnant develop Pica. It is an eating disorder where a person has intense cravings for items which are not edible. Items like chalk, dirt , pencils and plastics. This was published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.