10 Ways To Overcome Your Insecurities


Do you feel insecure? Here are 10 ways to overcome your deepest insecurities

Do you sometimes feel insecure? Well many of the people around us have the deepest insecurities that you need to secure as quickly as possible until or unless they affect your mental or physical health. A person with the deepest insecurities is not perfect at all. In order to overcome the deepest insecurities, let’s make you learn about the simple and easy steps to follow:

1) Acknowledge your insecurities:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

You need to become conscious of your insecurities. If someone is better than you in terms of communication or dealing then instead of calling him/her a boss-pleaser, acknowledge that you feel threatened. You should stay honest with yourself at first hand.

2) Stay Kind to yourself:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

It is perfectly fine to feel whatever you are feeling about yourself. It is somehow much scary to acknowledge our vulnerabilities, but at least do not hide them. You will lose yourself if you keep on hiding behind your insecurities. Along with these feelings, one thing to mention is to stay kind to your own self and try to reveal yourself.

3) Learn about Main Cause of Insecurities:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

If you grew up with perfectionist parents, or in an abusive environment, then you are still carrying unconscious messages that influence how you feel about yourself. In order to stop making it an insecurity, you should take some time to reflect on the messages you received as a child.

4) Journal:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

Journaling is somehow considered to be extremely powerful when dealing with unconscious thoughts. You can start by writing the exact messages or thoughts that come to your mind or influences you. Writing really helps and clears the idea in your mind.

5) Stay Objective of Criticisms:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

Give a look to all such statements objectively. You know yourself better than anyone else does.  As being the adult, you are capable of seeing things rationally. Listen to the voice hitting your head. Take the criticism positively and try molding yourself in the best possible way.

6) Share may also Help:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

You should think about sharing your vulnerabilities and insecurities with a trusted friend who really listens to you and understands your feelings. You need to make sure that it is someone who has your best interest at heart.

7) Stay Close to Yourself:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

If you are showing the respect and compassion for others, then it is important much to show out the same respect and compassion for your own self. It would act as a meditation that helps to understand yourself in a better way.

8) Start Practicing Self Approval:

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

Insecurity is also on the whole triggered when you are not getting the suitable set of love or attention or the approval.  You should give yourself the approval you need. You should acknowledge all your strengths and celebrate your little accomplishments.

9) Start Giving Yourself Permission

Doctor ASKY / Overcome Your Insecurities

You should be giving yourself the permission to feel good for yourself. You should simply allow yourself to feel like being appreciated and good.

10) Make others Feel Good


When you make others feel good just as about themselves from a genuine space of appreciation, then it simply connects you to the part that is abundant and grand inside you. You should be giving them the self-worth importance which they deserve out the most.

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