10 Ways To Deal With A Narcissist

Deal With A Narcissist

A narcissist is a person who is apathetic towards others; they are more arrogant people, and dealing with them is not easy. Here are some ways that could help someone who is dealing with a narcissist.

Know that it’s a disorder

If you like or love someone who is a narcissist and want to be with them, you have to convince yourself that they are not rational like everyone else you know and, they need a little more affection and care.  They are suffering from a disease, and you have to be extra patient with them.

Act as a therapist

Be their psychotherapist. It doesn’t mean you have to be correcting them always but listen to them and identify their behavior. Know what they are going through and tell them that you understand how they feel.

Be emotionally strong

Narcissists are not easy to handle. They might say things that hurt others as they are self-centered and occupied by their self. They might neglect you at times or scold you, but it’s better not to defame your worth instead, convince yourself they need more of your supportive nature and you are doing correctly in your way!

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Appreciate them

When you appreciate someone, it makes their day. Valuing and praising a narcissist would help them to be kinder to you because calling them weird or denying can make them feel worse. Know them they have been through something that has resulted in adopting narcissist traits. Tell them you support them, and they behave way better than they do.


Narcissists usually lack empathy and cause them to develop NPD. Dealing with them, you require to use understanding prompts with them. Trust me; it will help them improve their state.

Be aware at work

Working with a narcissist means that you have to be mindful of their abusive behavior. It becomes harder when you are dealing with a narcissist boss, a gaslighting one. But, problems can be minimized if you are aware of the situations and know when to say what. A narcissist is more comfortable with people who are flattery and praises them. Put yourself away from fuss, and don’t gossip!

Strengthen Relationships

If you know a person suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) and, at the same time, you love them unconditionally. Stick and focus the word “unconditionally.” You don’t have to be the victim always but put your efforts. The good news is, it is possible to change a narcissist but, it needs great dedication and respect towards their insecurities.

Show gratitude

Be thankful for what good they do and tell them to be grateful for what good others do to them. It will create a feeling of care and empathy and help them to grow.


A is for effect, i.e., your emotions, B for behavior and, C is for Correction. These are the ABC’s you should tell a narcissist in to deal effectively with them. Tell them how you feel when you are with them, what behavior is causing you to think so and show how they can correct or change themselves.

The golden rule

The golden rule to deal with a narcissist is to make them realize to treat others the way they want to be treated. Of course! Narcissists love themselves the most and want others to love them too.

These are some amazing tips through which you can handle a narcissist easily, if you’re dealing one or ever going to deal with one, in future!

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