Top 10 Strange Things Pregnancy does to your Body


Pregnancy is an exciting experience, emotionally, and physically, but it can also be overwhelming as you notice changes in your body and in yourself for that, the crazy hormones are to blame, they do some pretty crazy stuff to your body, you might even browse the internet in the middle of the night for bizarre symptoms that you’ve been experiencing. The common signs of pregnancy are extreme tiredness, Morning sickness, and stretch marks besides these, there are other strange things that happen to your body.

Here are the top 10 strange things pregnancy does to your body;

Discolored vagina

It might sound unreal, but it’s true that your vagina changes color, it can turn a deep bluish-purple color, which is known as Chadwick Sign. Besides color change you might notice vulvar varicose veins, which is due to the increased pressure on the uterus and decreased blood return from your lower body. On the bright side, all of this disappears post-delivery!

Loosening bones in pregnancy

The release of hormone “relaxin” results in the separation of the pubic bone in the middle, which allows the uterine muscle to ease and helps to loosen. Moreover, it also relaxes the cartilage that keeps all the bones together. The problem is that this hormone might affect other joints causing joint and back pain.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Nothing to worry about here! It is not dangerous, but women might experience discomfort and restlessness, which makes it difficult to sleep. You can treat this by simple remedies such as taking hot baths, leg massages, managing your stress levels and reducing caffeine intake.

Blood volume doubles

Your body increases the amount of blood and plasma from 30 to 50 percent in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is probably because of the extra and efficient work the heart does during pregnancy resulting in an increase in blood supply.

Brain fog

Memory loss during pregnancy is frequently reported, which is known as the ”baby brain”. Although it is reported this phenomena isn’t justified. Theories suggest several reasons as to why women may experience this “brain fog”. One of the reasons might be the high levels of sex hormones.

Heightened sense of smell

Pregnant women tend to smell things that aren’t even there! Women become sensitive to strong scents during pregnancy, and they can detect the faintest of aromas from miles. This probably happens due to all the crazy hormones and increased blood volume as increased blood flow to the blood vessels of the nose would make it more sensitive.

 Shoe Size might permanently Change

About 70 percent of women experience their feet getting broader, longer, and flatter during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body produces more fluids on top of that, the hormone “relaxin” relaxes the ligaments in your feet, due to which the foot bones spread apart.

You Might Get Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids affect up to 50% of pregnant women. Uterus enlargement and increased blood flow along with constipation can cause hemorrhoids, which is swollen veins in and around your rectum.

Hair grows, literally EVERYWHERE

In most pregnant women, changes in hormone may cause the hair on your head or body to grow or become thicker, they might also experience hair growth particularly in new areas across the body such as the chest, the face, arms and abdomen. The increased male hormones production from the ovaries and placenta that causes this will decrease after labor.

Voice changes

During pregnancy levels of estrogen and progesterone rise, which affects the many parts of a woman’s body including, the lung capacity, vocal cords and body fluids, etc. These changes ultimately affect the voice.


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