10 Signs That You Have Met Your Soulmate


This is some inevitable thing we are talking about here because no matter to which gender you belong, you are eventually going to get married. It’s the best experience for people who find people to whom they truly belong, in other words, soulmates. This seems rather impossible when there are seven billion people on earth to find your soulmate out. And if you are a pessimist there are ninety-eight one’s dead too, maybe yours went with them as well. So, to make the task easier for you, here are ten signs that will help you recognize that you have found your soulmate.

1) A sense of familiarity:

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You feel like you’ve known them all along, even when you meet for the first time. You have this gut feeling that you know them like the back of your hand and obviously knowing your second half is always the initiative for any marital relationship.

2) Letting down your guard:

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You don’t feel the need to pretend when you are with them. You can be vulnerable, hysterical, and hilarious when around them because they don’t make you feel like worthless shit for your dark side. It’s also because they help you through your every mad phase.

3) A sense of completeness:

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When you meet him/her you feel like there was this missing piece of you all along that has now gotten into place. Like when God sent you down to earth, you were incomplete and they are your second half. Not intending to be cheesy or anything but they make you feel complete.

4) Electrical sparks:

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You feel fireworks shoot up your body whenever you make physical contact with them. It is as if your body is trying to make you realize that this is the one you were looking for all along.

5) Instant connection:

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When you first meet him/her you have this intuition that he is the one God destined for you. You don’t feel the need to hesitate, think through it or get confused, it just dawns on you.

6) Trust:

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It is the baseline for building any relationship. You trust them with all your heart, with your life, because you know they are never going to do anything to hurt you, anything against you, and exactly not anything you don’t expect them to do.

7) Bringing out the best:

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They always bring about the best in you, trying to find ways to exploit your talents beneficial to you. Just because they have your best interests at heart and want what is best for you duly at all costs.

8) Toxic threatening:

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While some relationships turn toxic with time, this one never does because your partner never threatens to leave you or emotionally blackmail you. You have an easy-going relationship with them excluding all the yelling, screaming, and arguing.

9) A sense of peace:

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When you are around them you feel this weird calm and peaceful vibe like violence doesn’t exist on the face of the cruel planet and you are able to relax the tension after a hectic day.

10) Spiritual connection:

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Your relationship is way further than physical lust or attraction. You are spiritually connected and attracted to them and at this point looks, physical and intellectual abilities don’t matter much. It is not necessarily a romantic relationship just an understanding one.


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