10 Reasons Why Your Partner Avoids Getting Emotionally Attached To You


It is all the more a known fact that when you get into any relationship, just the emotional bonding and support between the two can make the relationship stronger. Bonding holds the chief pillar importance in any set of relationship.

It is the bonding that can either destroy the relation or can make it go far more years in the future. But sometimes in most of the situations, your partner is not able to get them emotionally attached to you. Do you want to know those significant signs! Let’s check out ten reasons why your partner avoids getting emotionally attached to you!

Reason no 1:


They are more conscious in building up the line of boundaries or maintain boundaries between them and their significant others. If your partner is one of the avoidant, they will be certain much in setting a distance relationship with you.

Reason no 2:


They are somehow much uncomfortable with emotional vulnerability. When you are emotionally attached to someone, you have to share your feelings and emotions. But sometimes the partner would not express their deepest feelings. They do have a fear of getting close to someone.

Reason no 3:


They do often tend away to disregard feelings. As they have been in favor of the emotional independence, avoidants will tend to have no such kind of the consideration towards their partner’s feelings. It might be possible that they will treat you like the business partner.

Reason no 4:


They, however, like it, but they are confused at the same time. They do take their mind as the maze of the complexities in which they are lost by themselves. They will miss you when you are away, but they like to trap themselves too.

Reason no 5:


Fifth, they are much uncomfortable with intimate situations. In any relationship, intimacy is much essential. They are much involved and indulged in the finance and health, but stay away from the affection and intimacy.

Reason no 6:


They are sometimes in awe of other relationships. Most of the times the part relationships will tend your parent to come up with some of the excuses to not indulge emotionally in their current relationships. This is quite common!

Reason no 7:


As because of involve in the conflicting thoughts, they often tend to send mixed signals. These mixed signals are all the more accountable as tend to leave their partners perplexed and confused.

Reason no 8:


They are much often acting as independent! In most of the conditions, the avoidants hence tend to prefer emotional independence, and they are also involved as being the self-dependent to a certain extent. They are self-reliant of being self-sufficient themselves.

Reason no 9:


They will refrain from making the commitments. When you commit to someone, it will bind you with them. This permanence of attachment hence scares them and make them feel as if they will get bound.

The reason no 10:


They are best enough in handling the criticism. They will be looking at certain things with an objective eye, and hence they do critically analyze every aspect of theirs and others lives. They are much aware all about the shortcomings and critical of their failures.

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