10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself for Self Improvement


10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself for Self Improvement

10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself for Self Improvement. You might feel content with your life or whatever you are doing out there you might consider it great. But the fact is there are some real and genuine questions to be asked to your own self. If you just spare some time for yourself and dig inside out you will see the aspirations in yourself that is now somewhere lost. They were never meant to be hidden or disguised but an inspiration for you today to achieve something you really want in your life.

Here are some simple questions that you really need to ask yourself and find their true answers. I’m sure you aren’t going to lie to yourself at least.

1.What do I really want from my life?

The question of utmost importance. Though the question seems to be very simple it won’t be when you’ll start finding the answer. Yes, everyone wants something different from life but most of them lose hope when they don’t get it. You do not dream to leave it unaccomplished but every next time tries harder and with more motivation to get it all from your life.

2.Do I need to change myself?

Now, that question sounds alarming. You need to look out for yourself and see what changes need to be made to lead a lifestyle you want to pursue. Stop worrying about small things like acne or fashion and just try to be more realistic about your actual goals or problems.

3.What’s the bright side of what I’m already doing?

Don’t just look on the dark side of the tunnel in fact always explore a way out of the tunnel and who knows that will change your life forever. Be thankful for whatever you have in your life and start from the scratch. You will definitely build a way out to something more aspiring and worth-having.

 4.Am I comfortable with whatever I’m doing?

Do you feel comfortable with yourself? If yes then you need to think about it more and more. But if you are not it means you already started thinking in a different way. Try to strive for something new, challenging and way more demanding and then you’ll definitely see on another bright side of the tunnel. Don’t just get settled in the whatever shoes you’ve got but make a choice by yourself.

5.Have I done enough for myself?

Always pinpoint the things you are willing to do in your life. if something has hot missed no problem, you can it now right away. No matter in what age, you are. Remember your heart is always young and mind is always ready to do the things you never get a chance before. Never ever compromise on your dreams and let’s start doing the things for your own self.

6.Am I happy with where am I today?

That should be an everyday question. If you feel contented then you have already achieved your dreams but just don’t stop there. Use your resources to be a better humankind to this world. and if you do not then figure out what is it bothering you? If it is your job, pay, status, relations etc. then find the right solution to make your future a better place to live in.

7.Do I appeal to my opposite gender?

In all the rush of the life well there is a definite need of being appealing and good in your looks so that the opposite sex may find you attractive. Don’t be just a shy guy sitting behind the desk all day, in fact, let’s give life a chance. Makeup yourself and socialize with some great people out there to get more inspirations from life.

8.How much can I earn?

There might not be a definite answer to this question but everyone’s is going to think in his mind “A lot”. Well, I wish it to be true for you all but the main thing behind this question is how much you are going to pay for it? How much are you going to work for it? Now, that’s the real question you might think of on a serious note.

9.What encourages me?

There could be so many things which really motivates you or makes you happy in your life but choose your utmost priority which could be really hard to do. Then just use it as your back up source to what you are really looking at.

10.What really clicks you?

There might be some things that really click you or just hit you straight away but you might get afraid of them. It might be due to a fear that you won’t be able to achieve that ever in your life. But this could be the biggest lie one telling to himself. Start to believe in yourself and you are already halfway there.

Stop wasting any more time and get back to these questions with some real truth you might not have told yourself yet.

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