10 Bedtime Habits That Make It Difficult To Lose Weight


Our lifestyle, procedure of self-care, dietary habits, daily routine, and many other things are major factors, always, in anything we are trying to achieve. For some of them you have to sacrifice these things and for others, you have to maintain them really carefully. That depends on how earnest your desire is for achieving that goal.

Here are ten habits that will make it difficult to lose weight because of your careless night routine.

1) Lack of sleep:

an Adequate amount of sleep is required for the body for proper nourishment. Research makes it pretty obvious that not getting your designated hours of sleep at night can make you more famished. Also, it results in a poor and unhealthy choice of food. Research has created direct links between lack of sleep and obesity.

2) Use of digital devices:

Scrolling through Instagram all night is nowhere near a healthy a habit. The blue light which the devices emit is known to increase wakefulness and attention spans. Resultantly, your activeness is just going to result in the former problem and its latter results. So, trying putting away your phone thirty minutes before you go to sleep.

3) Consuming caffeine:

Caffeine is said to restrict the production of adenosine, a chemical that helps us sleep. But inadequate amounts of it leads to poor quality of sleep or generally directed to the first one. Maybe, all problems tend to return to lack of sleep as if it’s their gang master or something.

4) Eating late:

Eating late than the usual sensible allowed dinner time is very unhealthy. After we go to sleep, the metabolic reactions are not able to take place at their usual work rate. Eating late at night also causes cholesterol levels to spike, release certain hormones leading to diabetes and heart disease.

5) Lack of exercise:

Obviously, not keeping your body in regular motion will have adverse effects. The extra fats will pile as ugly unwanted thick layers on our skin. When we do not exercise the body does not use this extra fat as a substitute for carbohydrates and it leads to obesity.

6) Too much light:

Some people like to sleep with the light on for very incomprehensible reasons but researchers conclude that even the slightest disruptions in sleep can hinder the re-balance of brain’s neurotransmitters. Which again leads back to the lack of sleep and associated problems.

7) Midnight munchies:

As aforementioned that the metabolism slows down while we are sleeping, munching on snacks when we are expected to sleep is a very nonsense habit and should be avoided at all costs.

8) No sleeping schedule:

Everything ends and starts with sleep here. Although I am not saying to time a schedule it is no way that you slept all through the afternoon and now you can’t sleep at night and the next day you are sleepy and your work efficiency is low.

9) Too much alcohol:

It disrupts the body’s transitions during sleep phases. Eventually, it lowers or else worsens the quality of your sleep all leading back to the lack of sleep and unresponsiveness dilemma.

10) Not eating breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism and is critical for weight loss so it’s time to change your habits a bit.