Writer describes Stress and how to deal with it – She went through all the phases


Life is beautiful, amazing and colorful……. Sometimes these words sounds like hell and that’s a condition called you are stressed out!

We live in a world where every individual has a dream that he/ she wants to fulfill. The struggle to make it happen is not that easy. To start from scratch for fulfilling a dream is an important era of everyone’s life. We think for something and want it to be done by hook or crook, apart from those undesirable facts that make us annoy and push us to hate being in the situation. This is where this dilemma of stress, anxiety and depression starts.

The root cause of stress are many that primarily include broken relationships from immediate family to extended family, broken friendships, academic results, death of closed ones, workplace sanity and many more. In short anything that dismantle our daily routine thoughts and discourage us in other way are the major causes of this horrible condition called as stress leading to depression and anxiety.

Stress; not only cause damage to our thinking capability but it also results as a life changing fact at times. Human body is all controlled by brain that release hormones in wanted as well as in unwanted situations. The stressed out condition of body shows symptoms of high blood pressure. Increased as well as decreased heart rate in some individuals, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, sleepless nights, body fatigue: out of routine and many more. In short the symptoms of this undesired condition may vary from one individual to another. Those who think they are not effected by stress, seems like they are living in an artificial world. The situation of being in stress is like a camouflage that varies from one mode to other with respect to the life style of an individual. Natural signs of stress are overruled in case where an individual is use to of smoking, drug addict or alcoholic. This life killing, way of living suppresses the natural signs of stress and instead of healing, the person is moving more towards the death.

Being realistic towards the hell stuff of fast track life can reduce half of the problems. Overthinking can only spark the level of stress instead of reducing it.

In actual the feeling of stress can be best handled with color therapy .

Colors are the best way to change your mood. Bright colors always boost your mood whereas dull colors elevate the depression mode. So when feeling stressed, simply just wear a bright color outfit that gives you a smarter look as well.


As Sarah Beewell said:

“The hardest part of getting help with social anxiety is talking to people.”


People suffering with stressed condition just need a communication with the way they want. So try listen to them as more as you can and give them ultimate relief.


  • Love, Care & attention are the best possible chunk remedies that can really change the situation from worst towards better. As Tania Lynn Sidiqi said :


“Just having someone you love and trust reminding you to breathe sometimes really helps.”
  •   Prioritize your to do list. Do what makes you happy and relax.
  •   Eating chocolate can boost you at a level that results in an immediate decline of stress level.
  •   And last but not the least: to have coffee and tea in your loved mug makes you feel out of this world.
Happy Living is not all about stressed free life , but its rather to fight with the dragon of stress with beauty of inner soul. J


Written by : BSSB

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