Why snakes sleep with open eyes

Amazing Facts about Snakes


Amazing Facts ABOUT SNAKES

Do you know why snakes sleep with open eyes ?

Anatomically snakes do not have any eye lids so they sleep with their eyes opened. The eyes of snakes are covered with a very clear scale known as spectacle.

It can be seen when a snake sheds its whole skin, they also shed their eye scale.

Some scientists also believe that the snakes in the past went through a period of evolution , they were underground for a very long period of time and thus they lost their eyes completely. That may be a reason that snakes have a very different body structure than any other type of animal in the animal kingdom.

They do not have eyelids but still they can sleep and you can tell it by looking into their eyes. If they have a very thin lining in the middle of their eyes it means that they are sleeping. Make sure u wake them up by tapping the cage, as they get very aggressive if they you shock them.



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