When you see what these kids did, You will ROFL


When you see what these kids did, You will ROFL


Funny babies (12)

1 : Because mom said never to waste anything, So i decided to lick all the juice out there.

Funny babies (1)

2: Ummm, I needed to know which one is the tastiest ! so i m biting all of them .

Funny babies (2)

3 : Mom ! I can’t find my ummm nothing , we are just playing, come and join us xoxo

Funny babies (3)

4: Seems Legit , MOM is her name yes ! Let’s sign this document.

Funny babies (4)

5: I have no idea what i am doing.

Funny babies (5)

6: Let us give a bath to mom’s expensive makeup stuff. I am searching for Dad’s iphone.

Funny babies (6)

7: I like green , so i am becoming a hulk. I don’t know where it comes from 😀

Funny babies (7)

8: I lost my something something, so i m gonna break all the eggs and check if it’s in there.
Funny babies (8)

9: Art is my passion and i am an artist , Stop me if you can.

Funny babies (9)

10: Chocolates , some more chocolates, and all the chocolates, I love it . I am yummy.

Funny babies (10)

11: I just like to throw stuff, Any problem ?

Funny babies (11)


12: I like to write whatever i can , love my white bed-sheet.

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