Proven Methods to lose belly fat

belly fat
belly fat

Proven Methods to lose belly fat

Belly fat is not only irritating for everyone but it also limit people from the use of wearing the outfits of their choices. When the white fat of our body expands in our abdomen, it also compresses the body organs , which can lead to serious health problems. This type of fat is known as Visceral fat. It also affects the body’s ability of insulin production. Results are highly increased risks of heart diseases and diabetes type 2.

Here we will discuss some methods and tips on how you can reduce your belly fat .

1 : Never Stop Moving

There is one thing that we like about visceral fat that it is very easily vanished by a little aerobic exercise. With running , swimming, skipping rope, jogging, climbing up stairs, upward climb, upward walking the slope. It is believed that if you climbing 100 stairs while jogging is almost equivalent to 1 kilometer of walk. Jogging is one of the  Proven Methods to lose belly fat.

2: The perfect proteins

Proteins are the building block of your muscles. It is essential for you being slim. You know , protein plays a vital role in giving you a slim trim figure. Human body produces insulin as your age gets older, since your muscle and cells do not responds to this insulin properly you get obesity as insulin promotes fat storage. A diet containing a roughtly 30 % proteins, 40 % carbs & 30 % of fat will lead to a better weight loss rather than a 10 percent protein diet.

3: Vinegar

Fatty people who take a tablespoon or 2 of vinegar on daily basis for minimum of 8 weeks have shown significant reduction in their body fat, especially the visceral fat (belly fat) . According to a Japanese study in 2009.
One theory about vinegar is that it contain a huge amount of acetic acid which leads to production of proteins that burn the fats. You can take the vinegar with water.

4: Yoga

Women undergoing postmenopausal phase of their life, in a study it was revealed that when they try yoga for 16 weeks they significantly reduced their belly fat, Any sort of exercise related to yoga is beneficial whether it is the professional yoga or simple deep breathing , everything will help you . The key of losing weight via yoga is to reduce the level of stress hormones in your body , stress hormone cortisol is linked to belly fat directly.


5: Exercise

Giving yourself a hard time while exercising and pushing your body to the limit is one of the most beneficial method to reduce and melt your belly fat.
You need to get at-least 30 minutes of normal exercise for a minimum of 5 days a week. Walking also counts as exercise only if it gives you sweat and makes you breath faster , and also you will need to raise your heartbeat more than normal.

If you want to get the same results a bit faster than you will need to increase your pace and get a bit more vigorous while exercising. For example Jogging or walking faster for 20 minutes a day at-least 4 days a week .

If you are fit already you shall go for jogging, or a briskly walk at a bit inclined treadmill is also a good option if you are not ready for jog.

By moderate activity we mean to raise your heart rate for 30 minutes per week , it helps to slow down the visceral fat addition to your body , but if you want to torch that annoying fat you will need to step up your workout.

6: Diet for belly fat

You must know now that there is no magical diet that can just undo your belly fat in a blink of eye. It takes time. Gradually you will lose your belly fat with dieting.
Getting significant amount of fiber can help you. People who consume 10 grams of the soluble fiber per day without any change in diet build up less visceral fat in their body as compared to others. This is so simple, let me sum it up for you . Two small apples, a cup of green peas or a half cup of pinto beans BINGO .
Well, even if you want to continue your normal diet but just switching to a higer fiber bread you might be somehow able to maintain your weight for the time or maybe for a long time.

7 : Sleep

Most of us consider sleep as it is not related to anything about our fat but they are wrong. Getting the right amount of time to keep your eyes shut helps a lot. A study was performed about effect of sleep and visceral fat, People who slept 6-7 hours at night accumulated lesser visceral fat as compared to those who had less than 5 hours of sleep or more than 8 hours of sleep. It must not be pictured that sleep is the only factor leading to increased fat but it is ONE OF THE many factors.

8 : Stress Management

Me, you , they , everyone suffer from stress sometimes or other. Everyone have their own problems, and trust me when i write STRESS is the biggest cause of obesity eventually heart diseases and diabetes.
Stress is not the issue, the issue is how to handle stress. The best thing you can do to get rid of stress is to exercise, meditate, spending and relaxing time with your family and friends, blowing off steam, taking a vacation, getting counseling and surrounding yourself with positive people.


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