Nanotales by Qurra Tul Ain


She said In front of my friends it was really hard to pretend that everything is normal between us.
He said Everything will be fine soon.
She trusted his words,months passed, she’s still waiting but he didn’t came back.

He said you are so pious and good, i’m not a perfect match for you and then he left.
Instead of changing himself he choose to leave.I still thought is it so bad to be good?

He was not my boyfriend but I love his smile, his advice,his kindness,the way he cared and the time when we laughed together.
He thought I fell in love with him;he was wrong, actually I fell in love with our friendship.

I care a lot about the people who are close to my heart but after sometime everyone leave, she said.
I promise i’ll never do like this,He whispered in her ear.
And then he broke his vow and did the same.

Everyday so many things reminds me of you,our little jokes, nick names, flirty words and much more.I always thought that do you remember all like I do,the best time that we spend together?

I always wonder,in most of the dramas and movies sooner or later loved one’s meet again;then why we didn’t met again?

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