Angel of Death


This is the ‘Angel of Death’, the world’s biggest flying artillery gun – and the latest weapon being used by British and US Special Forces.
From a distance plane nicknamed the ‘Angel of Death’ appears like a normal troop carrier because of the shape that its anti-missile flares take when they are fired.
But the aircraft, which is rarely, deployed in daylight, carries a powerful Howitzer 105mm field gun which can ‘vaporize’ targets at a range of 1,200 yards. Just in front of the port-side wing, the 105mm artillery gun is mounted alongside a smaller 40mm Bofors cannon.
The ‘Angel of Death’ is operated by a total of 12 crew members. There are five officers – the pilot, co-pilot, navigator, fire control officer and electronic warfare officer. They are aided by seven enlisted staff – a flight engineer, TV operator, infra-red detection set operator, loadmaster and three aerial gunners.

Their specially converted aircraft can stay in the skies for 12 hours at a time and is the largest airborne gun in the world.

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