21 Life Problems Only Short Girls Will Understand



If you are a short person then you are going to understand this post all too well.

If you are not short at least you will get a good laugh from this one. Who would have thought that short people had this many issues? ENJOY!Short-Girl-Problems-3

1. People like to pat you on the head.

2. They also really like to call you cute.

3. Same goes for short.

4. Always having to roll up the bottoms of your jeans.

5. People use your shoulder as their personal armrest.

6. You can’t reach anything in your kitchen.

7. Maxi skirts become maxi dresses.

8. … and EVERY skirt becomes a maxi skirt.

9. You look up to everyone.

10. People often want to pick you up.

11. You have to wear heels to work.

12. Bathroom mirrors just don’t work for you.

13. Getting with a tall guy is serious hard work.

14. Take photos with friends is a nightmare.

15. Food shopping turns into a serious rock-climbing activity.

16. Feeling like you are ALWAYS sitting on a high chair.

17. Stepstools. Everywhere.

18. You have teeny tiny feet.

19. Being mistaken for anything other than a grown woman.

20. Having people bend say, “ID” and then eye you like a criminal.

21. Tall people will never understand the battle.

We’d love to hear your views on this…



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